BUBBLA - chain reaction puzzle

BUBBLA - chain reaction puzzle 1.0.9

Biggest chain reaction = best chain reaction = no fugu fish

Biggest chain reaction = best chain reaction = no fugu fish

Biggest chain reaction = best chain reaction = no fugu fish

Do you want to play a puzzle game that improves memory and brainpower? BUBBLA - chain reaction is the right puzzle game for you!! If you like match puzzles, unblock puzzles, unroll puzzles and any puzzle in general this is exactly what you need.

Save the goldfish queen of Aqueous Kingdom, BUBBLA, who has been kidnapped by the evil crab Braxadaros and his fugu fish! Use chain reaction to destroy all fugu fish in your way through many challenging levels in this new puzzle game. Destroy all the fugu fish on the board by chain reaction! You have a limited number of strokes and various superweapons available.

There is chaos and panic in Bubbla’s Kingdom: can you restore happiness and save the beloved Queen?!


? Certificates that improves memory and brainpower

? Completely free to play

? Swift gameplay allows relaxing entertainment without stress or limitations

? Unique, human-engineered levels with optimal difficulty curve for users

? Easy and fun to play, challenging to master

? Maximum score achievable without use of superweapons

? Strong superweapons help overcome a problematic level

? Different skins available (includes free skin for color blind players)

? Original soundtrack and sfx that creates a unique atmosphere

BUBBLA is the best chain reaction game ever!!

Feel free to share BUBBLA if you like and contribute to the game's improvements.

This puzzle game is excelent to train memory and logical thinking.

Beware fugufish,blow fish, puffer fish are highly poisonous.

BUBBLA - chain reaction puzzle


BUBBLA - chain reaction puzzle 1.0.9

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